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The New Year in my family

New year is my favorite celebration. It’s very important in my family. It’s a feast for the whole family. Especially I love Christmas tree decoration. I always argue with my mom when to decorate the tree. I want to do it two months before, but my mom refuses saying I will be tired of tree. We decorate all our apartment. We prepare gifts for all our relevant. I believed in Santa two years ago, and wrote down letters to Santa. Now I know that its a myth, but anyway I’m writing letters and give my parents for gift, because I love that habit.

On Christmas eve we get dressed and gather together at the set table, have a yummy dinner, say thank you the last year and welcome the new year. My parents say, according to the folk saying how we celebrate the new year eve, the same will be the whole year. We will celebrate the New year very happily.

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